Is Kendall Jenner a Closet Metalhead?

What you wear at Coachella stays at Coachella. Right?

While sister Kylie was off wearing a catsuit at Coachella this past weekend, Kendall Jenner was sporting a sleeveless Megadeth shirt. We never pegged Kendall as a heavy metal listener, but her wardrobe choice has got us thinking: Is this her way of pledging allegiance to the genre?

This past weekend at Coachella wasn't the first time Kendall was spotted dressed in heavy metal fan attire. She was seen last summer wearing an AC/DC tee with friend Hailey Baldwin.

She also wore a Slayer shirt shortly before that. So Kendall Jenner must really love metal. Or not. Remember when she tweeted about not understanding how people can listen to heavy metal? Either Kendall converted or her stylist is a major metalhead.

See what some Twitter users had to say about Kendall's Coachella garb choices.