Estelita Lets Stevie Know Her Contract as First Lady of Danger Zone May Be Null and Void

Is Danger Zone in...danger?

The beefcake may have been good, but Estelita isn't so sprung that she forgot to look out for her own best interests.

During part one of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, Estelita and Stevie J confirm the status of their personal and professional relationship. The up-and-coming singer never denied that she and her manager went a few rounds between the sheets, but that's all in the past. "Whether I sleep with him or not, that's not going to stop me from moving forward with my career," Estelita tells Nina. "There's no d--k in the world that's going to stop me from putting in the work that I need to put in as an artist."

As far as their business contract is concerned, Estelita reveals that she hired a lawyer to look into things. The results: the contract isn't valid because Stevie allegedly failed to register the company's LLC for his entertainment company, Danger Zone. If he can pull out the receipts, then they're in business. If not, Stevie can kiss that 30% goodbye!

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