Rico Love Speaks On Fusing Party Anthems With Emotional Truth In An All New Episode Of 'Playback'

From Jay Z and Quincy Jones to Pink Floyd and Kurt Cobain, the super-producer borrows from the best to create personal records that last.

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It's easy for an artist to lose their identity when traveling on the road to riches and diamond rings. But Rico Love —multiplatinum songwriter, singer, and rapper— has a musical journey that goes beyond odes to materialism. His debut album, Turn The Lights On, shines light on the destructive effect that money and fame can have on the ones closest to you.

Songs like "For The Kids," "The Proposal," and "The Affair" drive home the super-producer's aim to deliver substance and emotional truth — rather than the 24/7 party music currently commandeering the airwaves.

In this all-new episode of Playback, Love shares what he thinks is lacking in the contemporary music scene, how a paperwork glitch gave him his start, and the best way for artists to combat today's culture of disrespect.