Nicole Thinks Marie Set Her Up In The 'Cartel Crew' Sneak Peek

"I never thought Marie was gonna turn her back like that."

Nicole was attacked from all sides during Michael and Marie's fashion show on the Cartel Crew premiere this week, and now she's pretty sure she was set up. In the sneak peek for next week's episode, Nicole meets up with her bestie, Ali, to explain the madness that went down with Stephanie at the show.

Nicole says she barely remembers posting that photo of an NYPD badge on her social media and it was petty for Stephanie to go looking for it. "Just because I have a family member in the police doesn't mean I'm lying about my background," Nicole says. Ali chimes in with some piping hot tea that Stephanie's one to talk because the rumor is that her dad was a snitch, so we just can't wait to see what happens when Nicole uses that as ammo against her new rival. Guess we'll find out on the next Cartel Crew, Monday at 9/8c.