The Fabulous Wedding Of…Yandy & Mendeecees

The #LHHWedding costs by the numbers, and we mean ALL the numbers.

Get ready, because we have the exclusive lowdown of Yandy and Mendeecees' wedding budget! Read this with the deepest announcer voice possible, because we're about to bring you all the deets you need to know about "The Fabulous Wedding Of…Yandy & Mendeecees."

The Bridesmaid Dresses

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All in all, the "bridesmaid" dresses cost a total of $18,400. Let's break that down quickly. The maid and matron of honor had $1,200 dresses, while the eight bridesmaids had $1,500 dresses (that they weren't happy about having to pay for) and the additional four female "friends of the bride" (there was another male friend of the bride also, who happened to be the hair stylist!) were $1,000 each. Adding insult to injury, their shoes cost $245 per pair, totaling at $3,430.

The Wedding Dress Dresses

It's not every day that you can get one dress designed by Pnina Tornai, of Say Yes To The Dress. But if you're Yandy, you might just ask for two. The VH1 babe waited until the last minute to choose what dress she would walk down the aisle in, which meant she had to buy both. The duo of dresses cost a whopping $69,000. Bling princess is right.

Mendeecees' Suit

His black-and-blue combo suit (which he never referred to as a tux) is available from designer ARI for $1,395, but with alterations and a little customization, the suit ran him $2,500. Once you factor in the same cost for his father's suit and Juelz Santana, there was $7,500 being thrown around strictly for suits.

The Cake

We have the exclusive for you here! The delicious cake was courtesy of J'Adore Cakes & Cupcake Bar in Brooklyn. The baker herself gave us the lowdown: It was an eight-tier cake with four-dummy layers. There were four flavors: Carrot cake with nuts, vanilla bean with dulce de leche, coconut creme with coconut vodka, and blue velvet infused with cognac. Yum! The cake cost a whooping $5,700. Good thing half of it was for show, because the full cake (fit for 500 people) would have rang in at $7,500. The masterpiece cake took three days to construct and was wrapped with 15 yards of Swarovski crystals.

The Flowers

During the special you may have caught this figure but we are going to repeat it one more time for you. Yandeecees spent $90,000 on flowers. For perspective, the most expensive American college has a yearly tuition of $50,780. That means you could get half a bachelor's degree for the price of one night's flowers. While expensive, we can't argue the floral arrangements weren't beautiful. We have Makini of Makini Regal Designs to thank for it all.

The Venue

Weylin B. Seymour’s was the place to be! The standard price for a weekend wedding at the magnificent venue is...$30,000.


Mendeecees' ring (right) cost $12,000 while Yandy upped the ante with a $30,000 wedding rock you can see on the left. Both of them came from Elliot Avianne at Avianne & Co. What about that little 'ole engagement ring in the middle? We found a nearly-identical ring from the same jeweler that is currently on sale for $19,169.00.

Flower Girl Dresses

Pantora Bridal designed the three flower girl dresses, which were priced at $250 a pop. Meaning the total cost was $750. Pantora also supplied Skylar's dress ($295), Judy's $750 number, and Ms. Laura's $850 ensemble. The bridal shop also had the honor of designing two dresses for executive producer Mona Scott-Young, weighing in for a combined $1750.


You may not have seen too much of the stationery during the wedding, but we promise it was equally fabulous! Royale Amethyst had the honor of doing the couple's paper goods, which included invitations, social media cards, escort cards, table numbers, and programs. The total here was nearly $3,500. $1,500 was spent on invitations alone.


Chef Mike Valli pulled out all the stops for a gourmet menu that included kebabs, deviled eggs topped with fried oysters and chipotle hollandaise, and more. And that was just the cocktail hour! The main dish was an option between equally delicious duck, filet mignon, and salmon. Between food, drinks, and personnel, Yandeecees spent $18,500.


Yandy's nails cost $200, while her bridesmaids had theirs priced at $80 apiece (that's $1200 total for those of you keeping track). Yandy's manager also got hers done for $60, meaning a total of $1460 was spent on nail art.

Yandy's hair ran an additional $1,000 or so while her makeup cost $1,500 for the day. Hair was courtesy of friend-of-the-bride Bryant Jamison while makeup was done by Shon Michaux-Simon, owner of Mute Beauty.

Don't think for a second that it included the bridesmaids. They had their own glam squad consisting of 4 hairstylists and 5 makeup artists who ran up a price tag of $5,000 for the 14-woman bridal party, plus two moms.

The shoes came from none other than Jimmy Choo himself. The $5,000 shoes aren't available for the general public until October!

Random Bling

Angela's Fantasy Creations helped make the fairytale wedding a reality with memory bottles, flower girl baskets, ring carriages, a broom, and even the cake topper. It all cost $5,303.

Party Favors

How does over $12,500 in blinged-out selfie sticks sound? That's not even including the monograms.

Everything Else

Here we go.

$2,500 for three, yes three, DJ's during the reception

$7,000 for the live band during the reception. No word on if K.Michelle performed as a favor or not.

$12,000 for linens

And an Awesome Team!

None of it would have been possible without superstar wedding planner Ayanna Stephens and her company Chasing Cayden by Design. A wedding that size would normally cost $60,000, but don't worry Ayanna gave her longtime best friend Yandy a deal on her services.

Then there's the bridal stylist, Selina Howard of Vainglorious Brides whose services ran $3,500. Oh, and don't forget a photographer. Even if you have a live televised wedding, it may set you back $9,000.

And that is how you ring up a bill for a wedding that costs over $500,000.