26 Emo Bands That Got Us Through Our Teenage Years

Teenage angst at its finest.

Let's take a moment to reflect on emo music from the 2000's. It's only been, like, a decade, but you know you're ready to face those memories.

Some think emo altogether died. Others think it's been sucked into the other genres it was closely associated with, such as pop punk, indie rock, or screamo. I've fallen so far out of the emo scene, I'm not even sure what it looks like anymore, but I do know this: It helped me and many others get through middle school and high school.

When all that teenage angst would build up, Chris Carrabba was always there to ease the pain — the pain that often wasn't, but prevailed nonetheless because...emo. Jim Adkins' voice through my boombox on the floor of my room was all I needed to get over the fact that my shaggy-haired crush would never love me like I loved him. I'm so much better because of these emo dudes voicing my feelings better than I could at the time, and you know you are, too.

Here are some of the many emo bands that helped us blossom into the perceptive and reflective adults we are today.


Lucky for AFI fans, bassist Hunter Burgan recently announced that the band will be making a comeback in 2016! Get ready for AFI 2016, people.

Dashboard Confessional

Hands down, this is the best band ever.

Simple Plan

Ugh. Just wanna make you proud, Dad.

Brand New

"What say we go and crash your car?"

Jimmy Eat World

This band taught us the most important life lesson ever: It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on.

Taking Back Sunday

How close is close enough?!


The ultimate.


♫ You're moving like a movie, you still move me ♫

Motion City Soundtrack

Shout out to everyone who painted their nails black to this at least once.


Emocore to the core.

New Found Glory

This video is everything... until you realize it's about a one-night stand.

The Get Up Kids

Remember these hardcore emo-rockers?

The Used

"I'm melting."


Metal meets screamo meets emo.


I wanted to be the violinist.


♫ The unending plains project a void where lovers gawk in pantomime ♫

The All-American Rejects

<3 Tyson Ritter <3

Planes Mistaken For Stars

The guitar in the beginning went from 0 to 100.

Saves the Day

Emo's frontrunners.

We The Kings

So. Much. Hair.

All Time Low

Look no further than the name.

Panic! At The Disco

The Most Theatrical Emo Band Award goes to: Panic! At The Disco.

Something Corporate

Gotta love the use of piano in here.

The Spill Canvas

Not over you, either, Spill Canvas.

Hawthorne Heights

"You kill me." I die.

At the Drive-in

All. The. Angst.

The Ataris

Possibly the best cover of Don Henley's song, ever.