Moniece is Convinced There is a Devilish Connection Between Teairra's Boo Akbar and Ray J

"He's for sure going to hell for that."

If you have beef with Moniece, you'll prob have beef...ah, y'all know the rest.

When Akbar met up with K. Michelle and "walked in there like a weird ass pimp daddy," the ladies in the cast couldn't help but look right through him. "He kissed Teairra's hand like he was chivalrous and stuff," as if he doesn't have an entire harem of women at home.

"He's a liar." La'Britney peeped how Akbar low-key admitted to leaking the tape, a performance that Brooke and Bridget found "stellar." That smooth talk isn't fooling Moniece though. She is confident that "he is the devil for sure and if he's not the devil, b--h he's Ray J's brother and Ray J's the devil." Yikes. Hopefully Moniece's prayer can rebuke some of the negativity as it goes:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Forgive him for all of his past and future transgressions for he is just a sinner, as we all are, but Jesus he is more of a sinner than everybody else 'cause this is some bulls---t. Amen!

Don't think God will appreciate the cursing but "come as you are," right? Anywho, did Akbar really did try to invite K. Michelle to his lifestyle, but little doe she know she would destroy that whole household. We guess he saw an open, he shot, and he missed. But hey, to each his own.

Moniece wasn't the only one trying to holla at the Man above. Prayers for "loose boxes and empty bank accounts" were also sent up. La'Britney's geography of the travels of Momo's pum pum is slightly off, however, Moniece says she did do the secks with a man from every coast, except for the South. If they're counting frequent freaky miles though, Brit's engine and transmission need a checking up according to Moniece.

"What God are they praying to?" is pure hilarity. Don't miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood next Monday at 8/7c!