10 Simple Workouts to Get Fit While Jamming Out to Michael Jackson's 'Off the Wall' Album

Featuring bearded bae Lee Barney.

Working out can be a real doozy, but two sure-fire ways to effectively get after that revenge body are to (1) bump some tunes and (2) ask a total babe to take his shirt off and coach you through it.

Michael Jackson provided the soundtrack. Model and bearded god Lee Barney provided the coaching (and abspiration). Lee, 25, hails from Philadelphia. He's now based out of South Florida and his shirtless pictures have nearly broken Instagram. He graced our studios earlier this week to show us how he keeps his body right and to give us some tips to work out to MJ's legendary Off the Wall album.

"Off the Wall by Michael Jackson was the most complete album when it comes to variety of songs. This album has dancing tracks, tracks that make you want to fall in love, tracks about life, tracks about the world. It just brings you so many emotions," Lee says of the album.

Check him out in the following 10 workout gifs, each paired to one song from MJ's album. Can you make it through the whole workout without drooling breaking a sweat?

"Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"

Stretching is oh-so important! It helps to prevent muscle cramps and can also aid digestion. Here, Lee proposes a simple, three-part stretch: touch your toes, spread your legs and reach down to your left and right toes to stretch out those glutes, calves and thighs. Don't start your workout 'til you get enough of stretching! (See what we did there?)

"Rock With You"

Squats are the perfect way to tone your booty and thighs. Lee suggests using an exercise ball for added support because let's face it, squats are hella hard. Slow and steady is the way to go. Form is everything, folks!

"Working Day And Night"

No good workout is complete without ab exercises, so we asked Ab Master Lee to show us how he keeps his core tight. Take an exercise ball (if you have one) and lay down with it in between your hands. Using your core, lift your legs and arms so you can pass the ball from your hands to your feet. Lay back down with the ball between your feet. Use your core again to now pass the ball from your feet to your hands. Repeat and feel the burn.

"Get On The Floor"

A great way to get your Beyonce thigh gap going is the lunge. Lee suggests using weights as a challenge—mind over body, y'all. Holding weights in either hand, take one step forward with your right leg and bend your left knee until it's almost touching the ground. Step back into resting position and repeat with your left leg.

"Off The Wall"

In case you don't have any equipment handy, here's a great alternative to work out those abs. Start by laying flat on the ground and extending your arms behind your head. Use your core to sit up and reach your toes. Are you feeling the heat yet?


Using weights and doing core-tightening exercises can really get your heart rate up. Lee slowed things down for us just a little by offering up a mid-workout stretch. Stretch those glutes out by raising one leg up onto an elevated surface and leaning in to touch your toes. Hold and repeat for the other leg.

"She's Out Of My Life"

Lee brought our workout to the next level by introducing us to—you guessed it!—the burpee. Starting with your body upright, crouch down to the ground, extend your legs behind you, come back to crouching position and jump up in the air. It might take a few tries in order to make this one, continuous motion, but it's worth it to get in that full body workout.

"I Can't Help It"

If squats aren't your thing, then this definitely will be. Using an exercise ball, lay down with the back of your heels resting on top of the ball. Roll the ball towards you until your feet are flat on top of it and your knees are bent. Squeeze your thighs and extend your legs back down.

"It's The Falling In Love"

Lee incorporated the popular Warrior Pose from yoga into our MJ workout. The key to nailing this pose is to keep your back foot perpendicular to your front. Extend your hands and look out over them. Hold and repeat for the opposite leg.

"Burn This Disco Out"

By now, you know how essential it is to stretch while working out. To close out our workout, Lee brought us down into butterfly position. If you really want to feel the stretch, you can push down on your knees.

If you made it this far without breaking a sweat, you're a pro. Last but not least, don't forget to have fun!