Which 'Fantastic Four' Superhero Has the Best Powers?

Find out the benefits of them all and cast your vote!

We've all had the debate: If you could be any superhero, which one would you be? It's a difficult decision to make and depends entirely on what's most important to you. Is it strength? Elasticity? Invisibility? The ability to fly?

In Fantastic Four, Marvel's new film reboot for the comic book quartet that debuted in 1961, the unlikely heroes who band together to save Earth have no choice in the distinct superpowers they gain from teleporting to an alternate universe. Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic (Miles Teller), Johnny Storm/Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan), Susan Storm/Invisible Woman (Kate Mara), and Ben Grimm/Thing (Jamie Bell) must simply accept their physical transformations and harness their powers. You, on the other hand, can decide whose powers are so awesome that you would happily trade places with them.

To make an informed decision, check out the trailer below, as well as our rundown of their superpowers and what you could do with them, and vote for your favorite below!

Mr. Fantastic

Reed Richards' superpower is elasticity. He can physically stretch in any way and to any length, and fit in places that normal-size people can’t. A couple basic ways to take advantage of this are reaching items up high and far back in the cupboard, and snatching that last coveted item off a store shelf before someone who has you boxed-out can. (You'd have the best reach-around of anyone, although you might want to word that differently.) As far as exits, you would make the best ones. Lame conversation boring you to tears? Simply slide out a crack in a window and be ghost. Memorable. But let's be real: The main reason you'd be "Mr. Fantastic" is sexual. A contortionist whose body can stretch and fit perfectly into spaces of all shapes and sizes? That, friend, is Tinder profile gold.

Invisible Woman

Susan Storm's superpowers include invisibility and the ability to create force-fields (the original no-flex zones). In the social media age, we spend most of our lives trying to be noticed, but being invisible is actually the best way to be. There's no place you can't gain access to when nobody sees you. Clubs, concerts, flights, and bank vaults? You just walk right past security and enjoy your damn self. Of course, with invisibility comes great responsibility. It's on you to not become a wild pervert, stalking exes and sneaking into the bedrooms of your favorite celebrities to observe them up close and personal. We totally trust that you wouldn't....

Human Torch

Johnny Storm can fly and shoot fireballs from his fiery body. The financial benefit alone is worth considering this for. Obviously you're saving tons of money if you can take flight instead of relying on a car or public transportation, and with flaming skin, your heating bill would be nothing but zeroes. Shooting fireballs makes you kind of a big deal with military types—and also big businessmen looking to melt the polar ice caps. Plus, if smushing smokers is your thing, you'll be the ever-elusive light they're looking for. Just be sure to "flame-off" before things get intimate. Nobody likes getting burned by a jump-off.


Ben Grimm is a giant, virtually indestructible rock monster with super-strength. Of the four, these powers would take the most adjusting to, but there is a reason you'd want to. You're instantly the best fighter alive—even if you can't throw a punch to save your life, opponents would break themselves trying to break you. And living that #YOLO life is way less risky (though perhaps less fun) when you're essentially invincible. We're not gonna lie to you: It's probably hard to find some loving as a hulking rock monster, but somewhere on the Internet is someone dying to get their hands on your pocket full of stones, and no matter how self-conscious you'd be about your appearance, just remember that orange is the new black.