Why is Fetty Wap Getting Dragged Into the Insane Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Breakup Rumors?

This is not going his way.

It's been a long week for Meek Mill and Nick Minaj. Rumor after rumor spilled into the Internet's gossip column about their alleged breakup. Did they split up? Did someone cheat? Who are they cheating with? Are they dating someone else? Who knows, but this wild tale of uncovering the truth about those two is way too entertaining to look away. With Fetty Wap now getting dragged into this mess, we can't help but think how great this situation would play out on Love and Hip-Hop. Nicki has already teased that she watches the show. There's no better time for her to make a debut appearance. Is there room for two of hip hop's biggest stars to join the cast next season?

According to the insane amount of unconfirmed tea floating around on the Internet all the 'ship drama started when Nicki supposedly learned that Meek was seeing a boutique owner from Philly, Bossip reports. Earlier this week, Meek posted a very cryptic Instagram image of a woman wearing see-through red lingerie flaunting her backside, accompanied by the caption, “Sitting back like … $avage … just friends.”

It sent social media into an uproar about the mystery booty. Is it Nicki? Is is the boutique owner? No one knows.

On Wednesday (12/21), a wild rumor flooded the Internet that Minaj has already moved on from the Philly rapper and is dating New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap. According to the gossip site, MediaTakeOut, the two have become very close as they collaborate on new projects together. None of these allegations are confirmed by either Nicki, Meek, or Fetty's team, but the mysteriousness of it all has everyone wanting answers. It's like gearing up for a season finale. We've made this far through all of the rumors and allegations. Now we're ready to see how this relationship will play out. Here's a likely plot twist: they've been trolling us the whole time and are still very much in a healthy happy relationship.

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