Guess Which Ladies of 'Mob Wives' Are Supporting Donald Trump?

Will the Mob Wives support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

When it comes to politics, everyone's entitled to their opinion. Hence the fervor over this year's election, especially when it comes to Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Since the cast of Mob Wives are self-proclaimed boss ladies, we brought them into our "newsroom" to find out whose side they were on in this heated presidential election. And while they respect fellow boss lady Hillary Clinton, several of them made the case for Trump.

Say what?! Yup, while the Trumpster may not be everyone's cup of tea, the movement of people actually supporting Trump has grown significantly since he first threw his hat in the ring, and the Mob Wives (minus Karen, who would rather write in Al Capone than trust The Donald) explained why they're persuaded by the businessman. So while stars like T.I and Waka Flocka Flame are taking a stand against Trump, it just goes proves everyone's got an opinion.