Drewski's Proud To Be A Thot, Says It Most Definitely Goes Down In The DM

"I'm a thot. Facts."

We know what Yo Gotti says, but does it really go down in the DM? According to Drewski, it most definitely does, especially as a DJ. Last year we caught up with all different types of men from different walks of life to find out if people are really out here finding love in private messages. Drewski admits that as an entertainer, his inbox is flooded with chicks from all over. His buddy, Bills cosigns saying his continuous #sadderday tweets is bait to get good-looking ladies to hit him up. He goes on to admit that this swindle has even sparked his last twelve relationships, (lucky girls).

On a serious note, social media may be fun in sending baddies "accidental tweets," but most of these guys, with the exception of Drewski, aren't trying to be serious with an IG honey. Most of them insist that although these ladies look good enough to double tap, the all-around-girl is the keeper choice for them but Drewski has different views. If a girl looks good, he's going after that, no matter what she does for a living.

Clearly now, Drewski is still riding strong with his girlfriend, Sky so we're hoping his DM's are closed. For the record, Bianca Bonnie has a lot more followers (no shade), so it may be safe to say that a whole year later, Drewski ain't telling no lies.