These Celebrity-Inspired Tumblrs Will 100 Percent Make You Piss Your Pants

Steve Buscemi's eyes have their own damn blog.

Do you ever have those nights when you go on the Internet to do something productive, like pay a bill, and find yourself three hours later mindlessly reading about dinosaurs? It happens to all of us, especially if you're a fan of Tumblr's specialty brand of irreverent comedic fare. There are thousands of themed celebrity parody blogs on Tumblr that will cause mountains of procrastination—but also a ton of laughs. And, let's face it, that's what is most important. Check out our all-time favorite celebrity-inspired Tumblrs.

Tumbling Madonna

Madonna's fall at the 2015 Brit Awards was a traumatic—but now iconic—moment in pop culture. It spawned several mean tweets from idiot trolls, but also this genius Tumblr account of Madonna falling off famous landmarks, movie posters, and at historical events. Tbh, we'd feel more than blessed if Madge fell near us. Let's just hope she descends safely from her White House tumble.

Poor Michelle

A classic never dies. Most people have at least heard of Poor Michelle, but we couldn't resist talking about it. After a few minutes on this website, you'll realize that Michelle Williams really did have the short end of the Destiny's Child stick. When Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland got to wear dresses, Michelle had to wear pants. Or, in the above scenario, Bey and Kelly are yummy smoothies, but Michelle is (what we believe to be) a salad.

Sad Keanu

When photographers caught Keanu Reeves sitting and looking a tad gloomy, the Internet ran with it, and Sad Keanu was born. Now, we have the pleasure of seeing Mr. Reeves look solemn on park benches, parties, and in situations where Mitt Romney is also present. That's enough to make us sad too, honestly.

Same Picture of Dave Coulier

So simple, yet so brilliant. After realizing the social #impact of this Full House star, one wonderful Tumblr user decided to dedicate a blog to posting the same photo of Dave every day. That's it. And it's effing hysterical.

Nicholas Cage as Cats

This trailblazing, legendary Tumblr ages like good wine. Seeing Nicholas' awe-inspiring mug superimposed onto gaggles of felines is truly a religious experience. We're still not ready for this blessing.

Kate Middleton for the Win

Ugh, the queen. (But, actually, she's going to be the queen someday.) This Tumblr shows our beloved Kate navigating through a world of basics. In the above photo, Lady K begrudgingly agrees to host her party in a multimillion-dollar event space that looks covered in gold. Talk about slumming it.

Chicks with Steve Buschemeyes

So weird, yet so flawless. The idea is simple: Actor Steve Buscemi's distinct eyes are Photoshopped onto famous actresses' faces. Christina Ricci gets the treatment above, and it'll literally give you night terrors for a decade. Only the very brave should check it out.

Emotions with Jon Hamm

This account proves there's a Jon Hamm face for every occasion, including when you need to channel your inner pooch.

Suri's Burn Book

Who knew Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter was so shady? In this veteran Tumblr, little Suri Cruise captions photos of celebs and their children with biting, T-spilling remarks. For example, this Mariah Carey photo with her daughter Monroe comes with the note: “Kiss your mom on the cheek. Just do it for the Instagram.” WE CAN'T.