Did Macklemore's Fiancee Already Give Birth to their First Child?

That flew way under the radar.

Sometimes, Macklemore crosses my mind. Not in a creepy, obsessive, or sexual way, but more like, "What's he up to? Where's he going? Is he still popping tags?"

MTV answered my thoughts when they posted this this morning. It includes the following Instagram, posted by Macklemore's neighbor, Cooper Clark.

There's Macklemore! He's in a backyard somewhere posing with kids! And he has a baby strapped to his body! Oh my God, is that his baby?

Possibly. Macklemore has yet to make his own announcement, but Clark may have made it for him. Clark captioned the above Instagram with "Congrats on your new baby!!!!"

Macklemore and fiancee Tricia Davis announced that she was pregnant back in January via this video that contains all of the feels. The couple's baby was expected sometime in May, and well, it's June. So Tricia could very well have already given birth.

Congratulations to the couple (if that is, in fact, their newborn)! At any rate, at least we know what Macklemore's up to these days.