The Contestants Impersonate Tyra Banks' Iconic "We Were All Rooting For You" Speech

We are legit all rooting for more Tyra impersonations.

[mtvn_player height="288" width="512" content_uri=""]America's Next Top Model has become such a cultural institution over the years, it was only matter of time before the show started to reference itself. As the models readjust to a Krislian-free house, both India and Kyle reflect on their time in the bottom. India concedes that being in the bottom three was embarrassing and she needs to start standing out more. Meanwhile, Kyle's reflection is a little more dramatic than usual. The aspiring model explains to Paige how she felt being so close to elimination.

Paige calls Kyle the "comeback kid" and Kyle reveals it's time to get "model serious," she then channels her inner Tyra Banks, ANTM creator, former host, executive producer, and, you know, supermodel, to pay homage to the, "We were all rooting you" speech that Tyra gave to cycle 4's Tiffany Richardson all these years ago.

You know the one.


Tyra Banks

Do you think Tyra and Paige get the impersonation just right? We love it! Don't miss more model antics on all new episodes of America's Next Top Model, next Monday at 10/9c.