First Dibs: Was The "Worst Twerk Fail EVER" Video A Fake?

Did Mario Lopez become a dad again? Which famous comedian did Sharon Osbourne hook up with before Ozzy? Would James Franco do a Spring Breakers sequel?

  • It was revealed last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live that the viral video of a girl twerking and falling onto a coffee table covered with candles and being lit on fire was in fact...fake. The girl in the video was a stunt woman and it was devised by Jimmy Kimmel. [YouTube/ABC]

  • Mario Lopez is a dad for the second time! His wife Courtney gave birth to the couple's first son, Dominic, last night. They already have a daughter named Gia. []

  • Ozzy Osbourne may be the love of wife Sharon's life, but before they were married, Sharon had a fling with Jay Leno. [US Magazine]

  • James Franco is up to return to the screen as both Oz (from Oz The Great And Powerful) and Alien (from Spring Breakers) and it turns out there's talk of sequels to both films. [MTV News]
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    [Photo Credit: ABC]