Amara La Negra is Here to Represent For the Dark-Skinned Afro-Latinas This Season of 'Love & Hip Hop Miami'

"There's women that look like myself in every single Latin country. But we just admire the looks of the J.Los and Shakiras."

As the daughter of a single mother who immigrated to Miami, Amara La Negra knows a thing or two about hard work. As she works to cross over into the American market, she wants to show the Afro-Latinas that it's possible.

If you think that musicians turn to reality TV when their time is up, Amara's here to tell you that's a stereotype that has nothing to do with her. She's doing well in her career but wants to be known to a new audience and is going to use Love & Hip Hop Miami to put her image out there. For Amara that image is not only her brand as a singer but also her Afro-Latina identity. Being apart of a specific Latin community that doesn't get a lot of recognition and representation is frustrating for Amara because "[Afro-Latinos have] been here and no one has really spoken about us." That's all about to change because Amara is going to be the one to stand up.

Don't miss the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Miami on January 1st at 9/8c.