Lenny S. Pulls a 'Godfather' Move and Makes JVOTI an Offer He Can't Refuse

WWJD? What Would JVOTI Do?

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ICYMI, last week, the moguls decided that it was time for JVOTI to go home. But instead of getting on a plane and accepting defeat, JVOTI stayed in the studio and ended up helping almost all of his fellow artists produce their records. This actually really impressed Lenny S., who decided to make the young singer an offer: "[He's] gonna either help me with these artists, or I'm gonna give him another shot to re-audition when the next set of kids come in."

Go with me here, because I'm sticking with this Godfather metaphor. So basically, Lenny S. was like:

And then JVOTI was like:

It's uncanny, really. You never know what these moguls are going to dream up next!

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