The Rudest, Sassiest, and Most Dramatic Exits from Reality TV Shows

Because saying goodbye isn't always easy.

Tears are shed, a fight is started, and someone makes a dramatic speech. We're not talking about a college party, people. We're talking about exits from reality TV shows.

For reality participants, appearing on TV is almost always about getting noticed. If you're going to leave a show—whether you've been kicked off, voted off, or have to leave for personal reasons—it's imperative that you don't go quietly. You can't pass up your last opportunity to make some noise and make everyone look at you! The bigger the scene you make, the more people remember you and the more entertaining it is. For proof just check out our engrossing rundown of the most dramatic exits from reality TV shows. Check out more from VH1's month-long Keepin' It Real reality TV package.

Tiffany Richardson, America's Next Top Model

Oh, Tiffany. She was sent home on Cycle 4 of ANTM, but not before getting screamed at by Tyra for having an ungrateful attitude. What resulted was the "We were all rooting for you!" heard 'round the world.

Lauren Conrad, The Hills

The most glam departure from reality TV ever goes to Lauren Conrad. LC was so over Heidi and Spencer's marriage on The Hills that she left before the bouquet was even thrown. In a blue off-the-shoulder dress and oversize sunglasses, LC walked—in her sky-high heels—away from the wedding and over to her limo to be driven off into the sunset.

Louise Watts, America's Next Top Model: British Invasion

Louise Watts was all the way over Kelly Cutrone's cold exterior on ANTM British Invasion. Louise tried to channel her anger towards Kelly into her photo shoot, but unfortunately the judges weren't too pleased with the end result. This sent Louise storming off the set into the parking lot, yelling that she wanted to go home. And go home she did.

Tiffany "New York" Pollard, Flavor of Love

HBIC New York's time was up when Flavor Flav chose Deelishis over her, and she was NOT having it. Deelishis looked on as New York and Flavor Flav got into it, and eventually, New York quite literally showed Flav her ass. "Do I look like a give a f—k? 'Cause I don't," New York said while walking away. Boss. Lady.

Pumkin vs. New York, Flavor of Love

Flavor Flav sent Pumkin home on Season 1 of Flavor of Love after finding out that she had been on six reality shows before. Emotions ran high and Pumkin got into it with New York. The two started yelling at each other and Pumkin spat in New York's hair. New York then grabbed Pumkin to let her know what time it was. In the end, Pumkin left dramatically and New York got her clock.

Brian Belo, Big Brother UK

Being compared to both a rapist and murderer is more than enough to put someone over the edge, and that's precisely what it did for Brian Belo on Big Brother UK. After housemate Helen Wood told him he looked like a rapist and murderer, Brian climbed up over one of the walls of the Big Brother house and left forever.

Kalon McMahon, The Bachelorette

When you're trying to win the heart of a woman, it's best not to call her children "baggage." Emily Maynard schooled Kalon on this when she kicked him off The Bachelorette after finding out that that was how he had referred to her daughter. "I'd love to hear you talk, but not until I'm done," she said before telling him to GTFO.

Jenny, Dating Naked: Playing for Keeps

Jenny was pissed when Chris picked Angie over her on the first episode of Season 2 of Dating Naked: Playing for Keeps, and she was not going to let him live it down. Jenny bared all, including her feelings, saying she'd probably have sex with Norman anyway.

Ruthie Alcaide, The Real World: Hawaii

After terrifying all of her Real World: Hawaii housemates by drinking too much alcohol, Ruthie was confronted by them in an intervention. After pushing back, she ultimately left the show to go to rehab, where she got clean before returning to the show.

Jonny "The Greek Mystique" Sarhanis, Ton of Cash

Jonny Sarhanis' exit from Ton of Cash was not at all quiet. Actually, it's probably the most noteworthy exit from reality TV ever. Jonny's goodbye speech ended with him doing "The Animal," which was essentially 15 seconds of him yelling, beating his chest, and then passing out.