Get To Know Some Of Los Angeles' Top Real Estate Agents In This 'Love & Listings' Sneak Peek

LA's real estate scene just got a few new faces.

If there's anyone athletes can trust as their real estate agent, it's someone who used to be an athlete themselves--and that's why former NFL player Zac Diles has the upper hand in this industry.

In this Love & Listings sneak peak, former pro Zac is showing a potential new home to NFL player Rodger Saffold and his wife Asia. The gorgeous 5,000 square foot house is such a stunner that they put in an offer right away.

After taking a look around the house, Zac admits that even though he's had a lot of success in his career, the same can't be said for his love life...and he's all the way ready to be boo'd up! A lot of people think he's the stereotypical "player" when it comes to women, but he insists he's worked hard to not fit that same mold.

On the other side of town, we're introduced to Jacob, who talks about how his whole family's life was turned upside down when his father, Suge Knight, got arrested. He's studying to be a real estate agent alongside his best friend Taylor, but having a dad with such public problems has proven to be quite the struggle for him.

Finally, we meet Ajani, a Michigan transplant who came to LA with dream of being a top realtor. She's been waitressing the pay the bills, but her new boss makes it clear that with a job at one of the hugest celebrity real estate firms in the city, she's not going to have much time for anything else.

As if that wasn't already enough pressure, her first client on the job is Sean Kingston.

Tune into the premiere of Love & Listings on Monday, July 29 at 10/9c!