Masika Was In The Process Of Getting Her Implants Redone When Her Doctor Told Her She Was Pregnant

"So not only did I just find out that I’m pregnant but I’m pregnant by Fetty Wap."

Imagine going in for a doctor's appointment planning to get a new boob job, and instead finding out that in few months, you'll be breastfeeding. Crazy? Well, that exactly what happened to Masika when she found out she was with child.

Masika, who has returned to season 3 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood pregnant with rapper Fetty Wap's baby, says that day was a lot to process.

"So the craziest thing is my self-centered ass was at the doctor getting my pre-op appointment, I was getting my boobs redone because it’s just a f---n' mess under here...And he said okay, everything looks great, your blood-work came back perfect, but the pregnancy test came back indiscriminate," Masika says.

Masika then goes on to tell the entire story of what happened that day, from taking a pregnancy test at her hair appointment to getting Fetty's first reaction when she called him and told him the life-changing news.

What a day! Find out if Fetty's attitude will ever change on new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Mondays at 8/7c.