Caitlyn Jenner Checks Her Privilege In Second 'I Am Cait' Episode

Plus, does she have a crush on a famous transgender actress?

"I have a lot to learn," Caitlyn Jenner says in the second episode of I Am Cait. And that perfectly sums up the latest installment in the E! docuseries. Ms. Jenner's transgender peers check her white, affluent privilege several times in the episode. It's uncomfortable, yes, but extremely necessary.

This latest chapter in I Am Cait echoes the sentiments we said last week. The show does address Caitlyn's more superficial issues like hair and fashion woes, but—more important—it gives marginalized trans women a substantial voice on a national platform. This has never been done before.

"The Road Trip: Part 1" was deep, nuanced, and incredibly fascinating. If you missed the episode, check out these five need-to-know moments. (Chandi is about to become your new best friend.)