Stop Worrying About What Other People Think — Hilary Duff Says You're Awesome

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For someone who's grown up in the spotlight, Hilary Duff has managed to make the transition from child star to working mother controversy-free. Only now are we seeing bikini selfies and experimental hair color — barely racy yet stuff that would have sent the gossip rags running if she had done it at 17. So what — if anything — does the Younger star regret from her past? Caring so damn much.

"Don't care so much about what everybody thinks," Duff advised her friends and fans. "You're gonna be alright, you're cool. I think a lot of people have so many insecurities, and I definitely did."

But is life really better younger? Duff and her Younger co-star Sutton Foster weigh in on that very question, as well as whether we can expect a duet from these musical geniuses in the show's first season, in the video above.

Younger premieres March 31 on TV Land at 10/9C.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]