Bae Or B&*$#: We Ranked Pop Titans Based On How Nice We Think They Are IRL

Here is our best guess on who is sweet...and who is sour.

I'm a colossal Madonna fan. However, I'm not oblivious. She is not exactly rainbows and sunshine, and if I met her, I'm guessing I'd leave more terrified than satisfied. Her iciness is pretty legendary. In fact, some might call it a trademark.

Every pop star has a reputation of either being super nice or super, well, not so nice. Of course, there are rumors of diva behavior, but we can truly infer pop star disposition through videos on the Web. Granted, these are educated guesses, but it's the best thing we have.

We scoured the Internet for clips of pop stars showing their true colors. Based on these receipts, here is our best guess on who is sweet...and who is sour. Let us know if you agree in the comments below. If you have a personal interaction that completely dispels our list, tell us! We want all of these baes to be angels, after all.


Queen of Pop? Yes. Queen of Nice? Not so much. This video of Madge accepting hydrangeas from a fan and then scoffing moments after he leaves is pretty telling. Madonna's cool, often dismissive nature in interviews is another indication of her prickliness. What she lacks in feels, though, she makes up for in (blonde) ambition.

Christina Aguilera

"Coughing during my interview, really?" Christina snarks during this Bionic (2010) press event. She tries to downplay this rude comment with a laugh, but the damage is beyond done. Mix that in with the clip of Christina throwing gum into a packed audience and Mary J. Blige's comments on her "nasty" behavior, and you have a pop star not too keen on friendliness. It's a shame, because girl can siiiiing.

Ariana Grande

Ariana's bratty behavior has been well-documented over the past year and a half. From allegedly making fans cry at meet-and-greets to bashing Americans at a doughnut shop (see above), this pint-sized songstress might actually be scary. Ariana fans, please tell us we're mistaken!

Justin Bieber

In December 2013, reports swirled the Biebs called an Australian female fan a "beached whale" and suggested she go on The Biggest Loser. Plus, who can forget Ronda Rousey's account of Justin snubbing her little sister at the Cannes Film Festival? These incidents don't exactly put the "Sorry" singer in the best light. We want to "Belieb" still, but he's making it so hard!

Taylor Swift

We're on the fence about T-Swizzle. On the one hand, she routinely does ah-mazing things for her fans like help pay their student loans and medical bills. Oh, and she literally invites them to her house to bake cookies and crap. We're sure she'd be very nice IRL. But recent thinkpieces (and this item from the New York Post) have us wondering if it's all a glossy act to appear perfect. Because we can't prove that, we're inclined to guess lady Taylor would be perfectly cordial--until you crossed her. (See: "Bad Blood" and the next woman on this list.)

Katy Perry

Katy's goofy, fun-loving personality has us thinking she'd be very charming to meet in the flesh. And after this video of her loving a (possibly rolling) fan on stage, we can confirm Ms. Perry is chill as hell.

Britney Spears

BritBrit oozes cupcakes and sparkles, so we know we wouldn't have a negative experience meeting her. That being said, she may be stiff, awkward and brief, as seen in the clip above. This isn't bad so much as it is disappointing. Britney would definitely smile and say "Thank you," if you met face to face, but that might be just about it.


Until proven otherwise, we believe Bey is a literal angel sent from the heavens above to bless us with her fierceness and warm personality. Watch the montage of her interacting with fans and try not to cry. We dare you. It's impossible.

Justin Timberlake

JT is the type of pop star you could kick back with a few beers and really just dish. Based on this spot he did with MasterCard, it also seems like he'd be down for a jam session with you no matter what your musical background. Plus, the video of him tearing up after a 10-year-old gave him a bow tie during a concert? Precious, and stone-cold proof he is king.

Lady Gaga

No pop star is more transparent about love for her fans than Mother Monster. Not only does she deliver incredibly powerful messages about self-acceptance during her concerts, she takes it a step further and gets to know her stans on an intimate level—inviting them on stage, on her tour bus and talking. Actually talking. Heck, Gaga enjoys her fans' company so much she made the Born Brave bus, a sanctuary for Little Monsters and her to get personal. No bad romance detected.