From The 'That Metal Show' Vaults: AC/DC On Their Timeless Sound + Angus Young's Short Pants

Check back every day in November for more long-lost <i>TMS</i> moments!

Welcome back, metalheads! Yesterday we kicked off a month worth of head-banging highlights pulled from the That Metal Show vault. True to our word, we're coming at ya now with some more long-lost footage. Today we've got this amazing interview that Eddie Trunk and Jim Florentine did with AC/DC's Brian Johnson and Angus Young. Think of it as a #TBT...but way, way better because #TBTs are kind of lame.

Watch as the boys discuss the band's timeless sound, which stayed strong while other bands were tempted into disco and grunge territory. "This is the only thing we really know how to do," says Angus. "What are we, gonna metamorpihize into a jazz band or something?"

And Brian demonstrating how he preps for a big tour? That's definitely worth the price of admission. Check out the vid below, and when you're done head to the TMS shows page for more metal madness! And don't forget to come back tomorrow for your next dose...