Ariana Grande Gave These Ill-Informed Bros From Power 106 A Lesson In Gender Equality

"Real men use the unicorn emoji and aren't afraid."

Alright, boys. Listen up. I might have let you hold my hand in school, but Ariana Grande is going to show you how to graduate. Oops. Now "Bang Bang" is probably stuck in your head all over again.

Sweet Ariana sat down with Los Angeles radio station Power 106 last week before dropping her new single, "Focus." The interview was going swimmingly until about 16 minutes in. This was when the two dudes interviewing Ari showed their asses. Things started going south when they asked Ari this question that was probably meant to be punny, but was actually just dumb: "If you could use makeup or your phone one last time, which one would you pick?"

I'm sorry. Waaat? Let's just call that strike one. Ari's flaw-free response was: "Is this what you think girls have trouble choosing between?" The bros insisted yes and proceeded to ask her if she can "really go anywhere without her cell phone," as if women are incapable of unplugging. They wanted to know specifically how many hours. Someone get them, please. That's strike two.

After Ari graciously proved herself free of excessive cellular habits, the boys were all "Ladies, learn!" to which Ari quipped back, "BOYS, learn!" Was hoping for a "C'mon hunty" moment, there, but you tell 'em, bb. The boys then asked Ari if she had seen the new emoji update, which she had. She said that she liked the new unicorn, which prompted the douche in plaid to passive aggressively say, "Girls." Ari told him that he needed a "little brushing up on equality," and if no one else is going to say it, I will: He needs a LOT of brushing up on equality. That's strike three, bruh.

The nail in the coffin was when Ari gave her long list of things wrong with the world that she'd like to fix, including social issues like judgment, intolerance, double standards, misogyny, sexism, "all that shit." And she wants to start fixing all of these things by schooling the plaid douche over at Power 106 in gender equality. Watch her go at the time mark here:

I detect subtle shade in Ari's lighthearted responses, and though we all would have taken major satisfaction in watching her completely put these two on blast à la Nicki Minaj at this year's VMAs, I admire the grace with which she handled the situation. Ari babysat these bros AND gave them a little lesson in gender equality, and (sadly) they didn't even know it.

The entertainment industry is still very much a man's world, and that's why it's refreshing to see someone so young stick up for herself while maintaining her composure. People whisper about Ari being a bitchy diva, but in this interview, she's a role model. She may have only eaten one taco in her entire life (that's for another time), but she knows what's important: self-respect.

Lesson learned: Don't ever let a boy wearing a bad shirt talk down to you. In fact, don't let anyone talk down to you. Period.