Is Travis Scott the Reason For Rihanna's 'Anti' Album Delay?

One songwriter isn't a fan of Travis Scott.

Trouble is brewing in the studio. Glass John, a songwriter responsible for Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better” — an upcoming song set for inclusion on Anti – is making strong allegations about Travis Scott causing trouble with the release of Anti.

According to Glass, Rihanna’s album has been delayed by her new rumored boo Travis Scott. For over two hours, Glass ranted about Travis’ alleged derailment of the album and how his influence is the reason why the rollout has been so confusing.

Glass states, that the album was originally supposed to drop in November, then on christmas, but he claims, "travis keeps putting doubt in her mind." "The album would’ve been out on Chrismas. If Travis hadn’t convinced Rihanna that it wasn’t good enough. What has he produced to say this!!?!!!”

He also claims that Travis (who's producing the album) made Rihanna put out "BBHMM," when their original plan was for "Kiss It Better" to be the next single. "He’s wasting valuable studio time trying to come up with a song that can top ‘Kiss It Better’ and he cannot because it’s the best damn song,” John writes.

He further throws Scott under the bus by suggesting that Scott is looking for an all-new sound for Rihanna that would detract her from her usual pop chart-topping hits, claiming that Scott is hoping that Rihanna puts out an “all trap” album instead.

We still don't have any official responses from Rihanna or Travis Scott on all of the allegations he's getting hit with, but hopefully the air gets cleared soon and we can finally listen to Rihanna's with studio album.

To read John's full rant head over to his Twitter here.