August Alsina Attempting to Say a Tongue Twister Will Make You Split Your Sides

She sells seashells by the...

August Alsina is serving all kinds of #MondayMotivation this morning.

The singer just dropped a new album called This Thing Called Life on Friday and now, he's attempting to do all of the things he's ~never done~. VH1 staffers challenged August to a little game of "Never Have I Ever," in which August tried to knock some things off of his life bucket list. Never had August ever:

Jumped rope.

Said a tongue twister 10 times fast.

Successfully completed the Saltine Cracker Challenge.

Changed a baby doll's diaper.

Sucked a toe. (Nor will he ever. Sorry, ladies.)

August crossed some of these things off of his list, but others will remain in the "Never Have I Ever" category indefinitely. Some things are better left undone.

Watch August play "Never Have I Ever" below and head on over to iTunes to cop your copy of This Thing Called Life today.

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