The 'Cartel Crew' Cast Has Connections to Some of the Scariest Drug Organizations in History

"My mother invented the modern-day cocaine trade as we know it."

If you don't already know the members of VH1's new show Cartel Crew, then you'll definitely recognize the infamous families they belong to.

Series star Katherine "Tatu Baby" Flores breaks down all of the former crime bosses in her clique. Though you've probably heard of Tatu Baby from her reputation in the tattoo industry, she comes from a much darker past. Her father was a big time drug dealer in New York City and was murdered when she was just four years old. Tatu Baby's friend Michael Blanco can relate. He is the youngest son of Griselda Blanco - the notoriously ruthless "Cocaine Godmother" who was murdered in 2012. He, along with his girlfriend Marie, have witnessed the dangerous ins and outs drug business because of their respective family's affiliation.

Stephanie Acevedo's father was one of the biggest drug smugglers in Miami, and it also Tatu Baby's best friend. Loz is a bit more covert than the rest of his cast mates. He's one of her most loyal artists at her tattoo shop, 'Til The End Tattoos, but he doesn't talk about the specifics of his cartel affiliation. Tatu's longtime friend Dayana just finished serving a three year bid on drug charges.

Michael and Nicole Zavala have only heard rumors of their families' involvement in cartel business, and Tatu doesn't quite know what to think of them.

Watch the clip to meet everyone and don't forget to tune in when Cartel Crew premieres January 7 at 9/8c.