Get Your First Look at the America's Next Top Model, RuPaul's Drag Race Crossover We've Been Dreaming of For Years

"I absolutely see America's Next Top Model in this group. And it's none of those's me."

If anything is next level fierce, it's an ANTM and RuPaul's Drag Race crossover episode and it's finally happening! From the looks of this sneak peek for next week, the models are going to have to step it all the way up in order to share the spotlight with some of the baddest Queens Drag Race herstory.

The girls are hype to learn that they'll be dressing up as royalty for this week's photoshoot until Drew Elliott says none of them are queens yet. They're just princesses and could all use some training, but the models look at him like like who are you talking about, because I know it's not me!


But then he announces that they'll have the opportunity to learn from legit ROYALTY and in sashays Katya, Manila Luzon, and Valentina. The girls will be posing as princesses and getting paired with a Queen. While this is obviously a dream, the models are going to have work harder than they normally do so they don't fall into the shadows of the kweens they're posing with. This is gonna get good.

Catch the epic crossover on America's Next Top Model next Tuesday at 8/7c.