The Most Talented Singers Who Have Absolutely Zero Dancing Ability

They can talk the talk, but they sure can’t walk the walk

They can hit all of the right notes, but these singing sensations are making all the wrong moves. Try as they might, these musicians just can’t get the hang of the whole singing-AND-dancing bit. Even though their beats and vocals inspire you to get out on the dance floor at the club, when it comes to executing the moves themselves, they fall flat every time.

Check out these hilarious GIFs of singers making a fool of themselves on the dance floor.

Taylor Swift

It's about time T. Swift learned a new dance move because this one clearly isn't working for her.

Miley Cyrus

No, Miley. Twerking doesn’t count.

Ariana Grande

She would have one less problem if she could learn how to dance.


Pretty sure Lorde feels just as awkward dancing as we feel watching her dance.

Jesse McCartney

Don't worry, Jesse. We still love you and your beautiful soul.

Mariah Carey



In all fairness, Brandy was able to figure a thing or two out during her time on Dancing With The Stars.


Diddy loves to dance. Diddy thinks he can dance. Diddy should not dance.


I think we can all relate to one of these dance moves at one time or another.

Jessica Simpson

Former ballerina Ashlee must have gotten all of the dancing genes in the Simpson family.

Katy Perry

The left shark from the Super Bowl had better dance moves, tbh.

Kelly Clarkson

If you can't dance, just do what Kelly does and surround yourself with other people who look like they know what they're doing.

Christina Aguilera

Like a good wine, Christina's dance moves have gotten better with time.


I would hate to be next to those flailing arms in the club.

Justin Bieber

I think I've made my point here.