Jidenna's Biggest Turn On in a Woman Will Have You Picking Up a Book

He also has some interesting views on monogamy vs. polygamy.

Since breaking on to the music scene in 2015 with the multi-platinum hit "Classic Man," Jidenna has been striking all the right notes. Especially with the ladies. His debut album Chief recently hit shelves a month ago, and his aforementioned single made a surprise appearance in the Academy Award winning film Moonlight. He even made a memorable guest appearance in Issa Rae's hit HBO show Insecure. Now the Wondaland Records star is letting VH1 into his world to define the meaning of his album title, his biggest turn on in women, and much more.

"To me personally, the chief was my highest self. It's the self I took the best out of my father and tried to embrace it," Jidenna explains. He goes on to reveal that his father and grandfather were both chiefs in his home country of Nigeria, and defines the word as the "African version of the Don. Not necessarily the mobsters."

The Nigerian-American artist also reveals the vital qualities he’s looking for in a woman and his views on monogamy vs. polygamy. Watch the full interview with Jidenna above.