Sneak Peek: Erica Mena Tells Stevie J That There's a Reason Mimi Faust Went Full-On Lesbian After Being With Him

"You're nothing to talk about. She went strictly lesbian because of you."

Is it round three? Or six? Ah, who knows.

Nina Parker is tired in this sneak peek to part one of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion because Stevie J and Erica Mena just can't stop coming at one another. When given a chance to clear up comments made about him, Erica cuts Stevie off to taunt him.

"She was in hibernation in NY," Stevie says adding that Erica should "kiss [his] feet" for even being on this season.

Offended, Erica returns a swift clapback to her newest nemesis teasing, "You realize that after you Mimi became strictly lesbian right? Like you're nothing to talk about." It takes less than two seconds for things to get real and for threats to be thrown around. You know when Nina's eyebrow raises, it means she's not playing and just like that, she shuts the whole line of questioning down.

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