From Awkward To Aw...Hell Yeah: These Teen Pop Stars Look Way Hotter As Adults


Justin Timberlake

Celine Dion


Victoria Beckham


Jonas Brothers

Kelly Rowland

Ricky Martin

Nick Lachey

Everyone has had an awkward stage--even our favorite pop stars.  Modern day sex symbols like Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Drake all made their debuts in the pop world looking a little less seductive than they do now. Don't believe us? Well, we've got photographic proof...

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All of the grown up pop stars on this list have always been talented, and they've all always been good-looking. What they haven't always been is as sexy and stylish as they are now.

Justin Timberlake was always the cute one in *NSYNC, but people also forget that he was a tiny bit derpy, too. Now, it's nothing but sexy suits and ties for the singer, but in his teens, he was all about silly faces and peroxide curls. Sure, Rihanna is now one smoking hot provocateur, but when she launched her career, she was still having trouble getting her angles down. And while Drake has always been devastatingly handsome, he did start out as a teen star on Degrassi. We're not holding it against him, but we do want to thank him for graduating from goofy grins to stone cold smoldering.

These pop music megastars didn't just grow up to be older and wiser--they got way hotter.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]