Rasheeda Says She and Kirk Frost Are Separated But Co-Parenting, and She Reveals Whether Kirk Took the DNA Test

"We're working on making sure we're doing everything we need to do for our family."

Are they together? Are they getting a divorce? Folks, wonder no more because Rasheeda Frost has officially confirmed that she and Kirk are separated. As far as the prolonged DNA test goes? Pull up a chair, let me tell y'all.

In the interview above with Dish Nation, Rasheeda unknowingly spilled her own tea when speaking with hosts Gary With Da Tea and Porsha Williams. Vague details of the Frost's tumultuous relationship are brought up and Rasheeda spoke on the current state of her marriage. She said,

We are parenting very well. We have good communication and just two people trying to figure out the best thing to do for our children as far as making them comfortable. As far as him and I? That's just what it is.

When Porscha applauds Rasheeda for handling the situation so amicably, Rasheeda shocked everyone when she said,

I mean we're separated and we're working on making sure we're doing everything we need to do for our family.

ERRRR! Hold up! Gary's reaction was ours when Rasheeda nonchalantly dropped this bomb.

When asked about whether or not Kirk actually took the paternity test, Rasheeda replied with a simple, "mmmm."

Our sentiments exactly, Gary.

From one Southern belle to another, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porscha asked if Rasheeda would be making a return to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The boss chick maintained that possibility is still up in the air and we're not mad at her since she had quite the season.

In case you forgot, not one but two strippers popped up out of nowhere accusing Kirk of infidelity. One of the women had a child and alleged Kirk was the father. And both of those ladies have since been accused by Kirk of scamming him by ways of their alleged pimp. So yea, Rasheeda does have a lot to think about.

Last season, Kirk even beat Rasheeda to the punch when he served her with divorce papers first in an attempt to salvage her assets if the test proved Kirk to be the father.

Co-parenting is always the best lane especially for a couple like Rasheeda and Kirk who have so much history with one another. The Frosts have been together since 1999 and have two sons together, Ky (16) and Karter (4).

This doesn't come as a complete shock since Kirk has been slipping for seasons now, but hopefully divorce isn't imminent. Nonetheless, it's refreshing to see they are able to maintain a good relationship for the sake of the kids.

In this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion clip, Rasheeda breaks down in tears over Kirk's infidelity.