A Hysterical Joseline Tells Mimi That Stevie Has Two New Babies

"Joseline Hernandez is sitting across from me, begging me to take her man back."

Joseline met up with Mimi to tell her that Stevie has not one, but two babies and it's destroying their marriage. An emotional Joseline says that one of the women has her husband on child support and he has no more money. "Mimi, he comes after my money. He's giving $200-300,000 to the lawyers." The Puerto Rican Princess is fed up and says she needs to spend her money on her music and her career. Mimi is stunned, not only by the situation but that she feels empathy for Joseline. "I never thought in a million years I would feel any type of sympathy towards you but I do." Oy. Then Joseline tells Mimi to please let Stevie sleep on her sofa, and basically is all, you can have him back now. And neither of them want him.

In an exclusive interview with VH1, Mimi discusses what was going through her head when Joseline leaned on her.

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