Celebrity Hairstylist Tokyo Stylez Helps Your Struggle Extensions

Ladies, when it comes to your hair, things aren't always easy — especially if you want to rock extensions on the daily. And when it comes to to clip-in extensions, the installation can be more excruciating than your great-grandmother trying to put on her pantyhose. Moral of the story, you don't want to be that girl walking around with a struggle weave. (I mean do you remember Britney Spears' extensions back in 2008? Uh yeah, it was a catastrophe!)

For those whose extensions just won't to cooperate, celebrity hair guru Tokyo Stylez has some tips that will take your hairdo from Courtney Love during this week's episode of Empire to Jennifer Lopez's luscious locks (J.Lo's hair is perfect any day). Tokyo has worked with everyone from K.Michelle to Naomi Campbell and has been slaying hair all across the U.S.

Check out the video of Tokyo hooking up our own Taylor Ferber's struggle extensions.

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[Photo Credit: @TokyoStylez]