Is Dutchess 'Really' Entitled to Half of Black Ink? Let's Take a Look at Where She Started and Vote To Let Us Know!

"Bring everybody to their knees. Ted, Sky, Walt, y'all gonna be at the unemployment line. Hit him where it hurts."

In this highlight from Black Ink Crew, Dutchess meets with her lawyer to discuss Pretty-N-Ink's future after celebrating the business's one-year anniversary. Now that she's expanding, Dutchess needs to protect her assets, a big mistake she has made in the past. Since dating Ceaser she claims that she paid all of Ceaser's bills, including his child support payments and never received anything in return. Her lawyer informs her that because she did this, she could be entitled to half of Black Ink. Dutchess is on the fence about pursuing what could be hers but her sister is ready to push her right off. She advises Dutchess to go for the jugular and to clean out Cease, Ted, Sky and Walt. But is that really fair? Last night, you all took to Twitter and raised some pretty interesting points, like Shenae here who tweeted:

Why Dutchess think she made Caesar or Black Ink? How soon she forget she was a hired tattoo artist at an already made business #BlackInkCrew— Shenae ✨ (@iiHeartNae) April 27, 2017

There was once a time where Dutchess was just another Black Ink hire and recognized that, like in this throwback clip where she blacks on Walt about what his role is supposed to be.

Seeing as how technically, all she did was date and become engaged to the boss, is she really entitled to half of Black Ink? Or should she be compensated for holding Ceaser down throughout their relationship? You see the poll, VOTE!

Clean out Walt, though? Like, he doesn't do anything to anyone SMH. Don't miss the Black Ink Crew season finale, next Wednesday at 8/7c!