Sneak Peek: Snoop Dogg is Afraid of Lobsters But Rick Ross Will Do Anything For His Baby Martha

Rozay takes a dive for love.

By Claire Downs

Last week, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg battled over their famous fried chicken recipes on the series premiere of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party. They even got deep and shared some truths while playing "Two Thighs and a Truth." But this week, it looks like we're learning a dark secret about Snoop.

Apparently, Snoop Dogg is afraid of live lobsters! "How do I make them look away?!" Snoop asked Martha, while attempting to pick out his dinner with metal gloves (What are THOSE?). Snoop also mentions that he's afraid of lobster "tentacles," which we're pretty sure are just called "claws." Unlike Snoop, Martha's sous-chef Rick Ross has no problem plucking his sea creature out of the tank. "Anything for my baby," he told Martha. Even though Da Boss said he "usually has people do this for him," Renzel seems like an old pro.

Seafood isn't the only thing that's cookin' up in the kitchen: Martha and Ross' chemistry is heating up! Even Snoop can't deny that Renzel is putting on the moves.

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