Momma Dee Takes Shots at Erica Dixon on Twitter Calling Her "Irrelevant" and Erica Says She's a "Roach"

"You're still irrelevant and still using the platform that was given to you for being a baby's mother!"

Dang! First Bambi and Jessica Dime now Momma Dee and Erica Dixon. What's in the water in Atlanta?

Momma Dee came out fingers a blazing on Twitter to take shots at her son's baby's mother for being "irrelevant" and asking her, "Whats your status at the bank, little girl?"

Implying that Erica and her football boyfriend William Gay have split, the Queen of the South Tweeted that Dixon is trying to return to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta "now that the football has been kicked out of [her] stadium." Dee is such a wordsmith. Seriously.

Erica didn't take that so kindly and told Momma Dee to behave like her daughter, Emani's grandmother. Then threw shade at Scrappy's mom, by asking, "Still in that two bedroom apartment?"

Dixon then told fans and haters alike that it's no one's fault for the child support suits but Scrappy's alone.

When a fan urged Erica to fill them in on the social media feud, Erica said "They're like roaches. Every time you think they're gone, one comes crawling [back]." Then she admitted that she's not part of the reality docu-series anymore and she's doing quite fine.

Do you think that Erica will be away from the cameras for long or do you think she'll pull a pop-up on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this season? Do you think she's unbothered by Momma Dee's words?

Watch the tense and dramatic moment regarding child support between Scrappy and Erica at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season four reunion below.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returns for a fifth season on Monday, April 4th at 8/9c!