Compared to Omarion, Pretty Ricky's Millenium Tour Rider Is A Little Less High-Siddity

Does Omarion's rider really include hand-picked M&Ms and incense?

With something as iconic as the Millennium tour underway, it is of the utmost importance that headliners have everything they need to make sure they can give us the best pop-locking, pelvic-thrusting, performances as if it was the early 2000's again. It's only right. In this Love & Hip Hop Miami web exclusive, the men of Pretty Ricky who blessed us with hits such as "Grind on Me" and "On the Hotline" break down what essentials they need to have with them to stay focused and in the zone, and what their touring mates, i.e. Omarion, might be asking for.

In their opinion, Omarion hands down would most likely have the most elaborate rider, fully-equipped with incense, guides on awakening his chakra, and probably even a massage therapist. Why not? With handpicked M&M's, it's clear the guys think Omarion is the most high-maintenance. Seriously, how can he properly perform "Touch" without a foam machine in his dressing room?

Pretty Ricky, on the other hand, is a little more simplistic requiring just the basics- tank tops and baby oil because ya know, Spectacular stays losing his shirt during a performance.

As the singer, Pleasure P NEEDS throat coat to protect those vocals and Hennessy to balance it out. Last but not least, in order to get the people going, they most definitely need great energy and if that means having a pre-party backstage with a whole bunch of baddies, then so be it. It has to be done.

FYI, Spectacular ain't never lied. He got on that stage and did just that.

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