Vivica A. Fox Says Kenya Moore's Married Man Is "Yet Another Stunt"

Vivica talks about her two biggest beefs: Kenya and Kimmel.

Oh Vivica. You need to do like Elsa and let it go.

Vivica A. Fox is still talking about Kenya Moore. On Watch What Happens Live, she discussed her feud with Moore that started on Celebrity Apprentice. She maintains that she would forgive her if she ever apologized, but she also says she "will never forget."

As for the whole married man/Millionaire Matchmaker issue that happened recently, Fox calls this out as nothing but a stunt. "Kenya, you are a beautiful girl," she explained. "You do not have to do these stunts. And I wish you would stop."

Moore isn't her only feud. She's apparently in a fight with Jimmy Kimmel — and she didn't even know it. It started when she defended her friend Star Jones after Kimmel's jokes. He later apologized, but also banned her from the show — much to her surprise.

Fox also answered a burning fan question: Will she ever reunite "love of her life" 50 Cent? Eh, not so likely.

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