Vin Diesel Leaves the Set of 'Fast 8', Feud With The Rock Still Kicking

"Daddy's gone," the actor allegedly said.

Things are apparently still rocky--pun intended--on the set of Fast 8.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson set the Internet ablaze yesterday (August 9) when he wrote a cryptic message on Instagram about some of his male co-stars acting unprofessional on the set of the latest Fast & Furious installment. TMZ did some digging and found out The Rock was actually referring to Vin Diesel. The two muscle men allegedly met in private to squash their beef; however, things didn't go according to plan.

Per a new post on TMZ, Diesel is still upset over The Rock talking smack on social media. The gossip site reports that right after the director wrapped up shooting Wednesday (August 10), Diesel told everyone he was dipping out. "Daddy's gone," Big V apparently said in his speech.

But don't get it twisted. Diesel didn't haphazardly leave the set. The studio gave him the OK to leave because all of his specific work was completed. The movie is a week from being totally finished.

So, why couldn't these dudes bury the hatchet? A source told TMZ it has all to do with egos, which doesn't surprise me. I hate men sometimes. And I am one.

No amount of gym time can give you humility, fellas...