Celebrate Janet Jackson's Triumphant Return With Her 15 Greatest Sex Jams

+ Listen to her new single, "No Sleeep."

-By Michael Arceneaux

Early in her career, Janet Jackson’s music reflected a more demure approach towards sexuality. She was essentially a cross between Donna Martin on the original 90210 and Khia’s “Snatch The Cat Back,” if you will. Then came the janet. album (a personal favorite) where she effectively turned that cherry out. It is a personal favorite of mine because it encompassed both Janet’s social consciousness and her burgeoning sexuality. Ever since that album, Damita Jo continued to provide us sex jam after sex jam. So, in honor of her and her new sensual single, "No Sleeep," I’m reflecting on my favorite sex songs from Our Lady of The Butterfly.

They are not ranked in any particular order, so feel free to pull your knifes back.

“Would You Mind,” All For You

I’m almost certain I am not allowed to recite the majority of these lyrics of this song, but let me just say, there’s no finer example of how arousing a whisper and coo can be when they’re executed correctly.

“Warmth,” Damita Jo

If “Would You Mind” could reproduce, it would be “Warmth.” They’re both similar in structure, theme, and delivery, but I give not a single damn. If I can love Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande, I can love both of these songs, too.

If you’re wondering, “Moist” from this same album is the second cousin of “Would You Mind.”

“Anything,” The Velvet Rope

“I’ll be your best, you know that good things don’t come easy.” Can I get an amen and a body roll?

“Twenty Foreplay,” Design of a Decade: 1986-1996

Pardon me, but I’m about to get a lil’ mushy here. So, the beginning of this underrated gem is very lullaby-ish and full of the sort of lovey dovey language Drake wants to have with the southern strippers who always seem to let him down. Say, my favorite line from the song, “When you wake and your smile meets mine, my day begins. You’re my inspiration. Seeing your face glow is the nicest of hellos.”

For me, when love and sex intersect, the latter is when its best. I know, I know: I sound like Mariah Carey. In any event, midway through the song, the real love themes switch to raunchiness and Janet makes the following command: “Ya made love to mind, now you gotta take me from behind.” This song is everything. Y’all best start appreciating it more.

“The Body That Loves You,” janet.

This song, like “Twenty Foreplay,” is a mix of the sentimental and sensual. And like “Twenty Foreplay,” I don’t think “The Body That Loves You” is spoken of enough.

“These are the hands that’ll touch you. These are the lips that’ll kiss you. These are the arms that’ll hold you.”

And this is the writer that’ll get you to pay homage.

“My Need,” The Velvet Rope

My girl sang: “Let’s not get too soft and gentle with it ‘cause I am not feeling in no mood to play around.” This is the audible equivalent of the 100, rain drop, and tongue hanging emojis, respectively.

“Any Time, Any Place,” janet.

Janet Jackson, acknowledging she’s down for public sex. Need I say more? Honorable mention to the R. Kelly remix of this song.

“70s Love Groove,” janet. Remixed

Hardcore Janet fans will remember this best as the B-Side to the “You Want This” single, but this little ditty was a fun decade-themed jam about boning. What would “2010s Love Groove” be about? Like, “Thirst traps on Instagram lead to the DMs. DMs lead to the exchanging of nudes. Those nudes lead to iMessage, and then finally, sex with someone you’re going to call out on Twitter later?” Please advise.

“Throb,” janet.

House music meets explicit lines about sex equals the best thing ever. It’s basically an orgy. For you regular gym goers, this is the perfect song to do sprints to, especially when you sing the lines out loud. Don’t worry about the stares of those near you. They can move around or join you in the chorus.

“Do It 2 Me,” 20 Y.O.

So, for many a Janet a fan, much of the 2000s – particularly the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis-less collections – are a dark period. Even so, there were some good songs there. This is one of the best. Go on: listen to mother and move it in a circle.

“Strawberry Bounce,” Damita Jo

I will never forgive the world and Justin Timberlake for letting Janet go under at the exact same time she dropped her most cohesive album of the 2000s.

Anyway, repeat after Janet: “I did a tease to bring you to ya' knees, baby. Broke you down and made you feel sleazy. Then you said, ‘You fine, motherf--ker, I like it, I like it.’”

“If,” janet.

This song has the best line about fellatio ever recited in the 1990s with, “Your smooth and shiny feels so good against my lips sugar.” It also features Janet Jackson’s dancer Omar Lopez quite heavily in the video. You know, the one who was also in TLC’s “Creep” video, on stage, body rolling while holding the microphone. Old school Janet stans remember his name – and gay dudes probably know what it’s like to crush on him extra hard. Yes, I’m projecting.

“Rope Burn,” The Velvet Rope

I read someone recently describe this song as “corny,” or something to that effect. That person is out of their mind and needs to have a little more fun.

“Take Care,” 20 Y.O.

This is such a nice song about self-love. If you feel me, give me a high-five after you wash your hands.

“Discipline,” Discipline

I’m going to be honest and say this one isn’t actually my favorite, but mostly because of Janet’s familial history. For that reason, the line “Daddy make me cry” makes me feel uneasy. But so many of you freaks love this, so I’m playing nice.

If this song, too, makes you feel weird, swap for The Velvet Rope’s “Anything,” which is a sweet ode to submissiveness.