'Black Ink Crew: Chicago''s New Artist Lily Talks About How Her Father's Kidnapping Has Inspired Her Grind

"I knew I had to keep going because I'm not gonna let my dad's death go in vain."

There's a new tattoo artist in 9Mag and while Lily seems fun and bubbly, there's a lot of personal pain that keeps her motivated to try to be the best version of herself that she can be.

Lily sat down with to talk about how her father's kidnapping and murder by a Mexican cartel changed not only her life but her outlook on it as well.

The day before starting college in January 2014, Lily received news that her dad, who was still in her hometown in Mexico, had been kidnapped for ransom by a local cartel. Her family was asked for 50,000 pesos, which she says is the equivalent of $3,000, but shortly after, she got a call that her dad was found but that he was not alive.

A true daddy's girl, Lily says her world came crashing down, so she threw herself into work but working at a bar and being surrounded by alcohol led Lily down a dark path. Realizing that drinking was costing her respect and her business, she decided to be the person that her dad raised her to be. It's been three years but Lily says the pain has scared her to not trust easily but she's working on being strong. Hopefully she can find comfort within her new 9Mag family at the shop this season.

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