I'm Gonna Need To See That Again: Big Ang Reaches A Turning Point

"My God, should I get you scissors? You just want to cut off his balls now?" - Dr. Jenn To Big Ang

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On Wednesday night's episode of Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn, Big Ang and Neil Murphy reached not only a turning point in their therapy process, but a turning point in their relationship. With the help of Dr. Jenn and Dr. Mike Dow, Big Ang learned how not listening and being disrespectful towards Neil is extremely detrimental to their marriage. After this realization, we witnessed a rare tender moment between the couple.

As much as Big Ang complains about Neil being a lazy liar, it's obvious that she loves him and wants to improve their marriage. While watching Big Ang and Neil's relationship on Mob Wives, Miami Monkey, and Big Ang over the last few years, not every moment between these two is negative. Take a look back at what this couples has gone through, which has led them to here.

Meet Big Ang + Neil Murphy - With Big Ang's aggressive attitude and high expectations, she and Neil turn to Dr. Jenn for help.

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Neil Saves The Day - Back on Season 3 of Mob Wives, when a fight erupted among customers at the Drunken Monkey, Neil stepped in to break up the fight to protect Ang and her bar.

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Ang and Neil Start Baby Planning - On Season 4 of Mob Wives, Ang and Neil started discussing having a child together through the process of an egg donor and surrogate mother.

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Neil and Ang Begin Building A Baby - Big Ang and Neil went to the doctor's office so Neil could start the process of "building a baby".

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Big Ang Turns To Neil For Advice - While out to dinner in Miami, Ang talked to Neil about who she should leave in charge of the Miami Monkey when she returned home to New York.

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Neil Murphy Feels Unwanted In His Relationship - Dr. Jenn mets with Neil to discuss his repetitive patterns with Big Ang and the possibility of him having depression.

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Big Ang + Neil Murphy Are 80% Compatible - Biomedical engineer Jeremy Bluvol reveals the DNA compatibility results of Big Ang and Neil.

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Will Big Ang change her behavior towards Neil? Can Dr. Jenn really help them to improve their relationship? Rewatch the scene above and share your thoughts/comments below.