Big Ang Breaks Down, Tells Dr. Oz She's In A Fight For Her Life

"Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be fine and sometimes I just don't think I am."

Big Ang appeared on Dr. Oz this week to speak more in depth about her continuous battle with stage 4 brain and throat cancer. In this sneak peek of the interview on the Dr. Oz Show, Ang is barely able to keep it together while speaking with Dr. Oz and reveals that she has been overcome with depression. Already cutting her hair in the grim anticipation of chemotherapy, Ang admits "It's destroying me, I can't believe what I look like."

She was first diagnosed with throat cancer which she originally believed to be strep throat. After her surgery, Ang thought she was home free and was even going to throw a party to celebrate but unfortunately that wasn't the case. You can watch all of Ang's interview with Dr. Oz here.

As her devastating battle is still ongoing , her family created a GoFundMe page in support of Angela and asks that you continue to keep her in your prayers, and her co-stars, like Karen Gravano, continue to voice their support in an effort to keep Ang's spirits up.

"I watched Ang on Dr. Oz and it just breaks my heart ? to see her going through this... Me Carla Renee and Jen went to visit her the other day and although I wish I can tell you she's doing great I can't but I will say this Angela is a fighter ??there were a lot of tears a lot of laughter and a lot of real bonding moments it was great for us to just let our guards down and enjoy each others company without cameras in ours faces... That visit made me realize how strong this woman really is and no matter what she's going through she always puts her love for her family before anything!!! she puts on a brave face and a little makeup of course her eyelashes ? and she fights The battle for her life with dignity and grace and for that I will always admire her & value our Friendship.... #fuckcancer #prayersforbigang ??tomorrow is never promised for anyone so live each day Surrounded with people that love & support you and enjoy Gods plan ?? @biggangvh1 love you ❤️ you got this."