Stop Speculating Whether or Not Tahj Mowry Is Gay

Simmer down, trolls. Let the dude live.

Tia and Tamera Mowry's little brother Tahj is the subject of silly tabloid fodder for his recent social media activity involving a gay bodybuilder named Andrew. Tahj "liked" a few photos on this muscle man's Instagram, so the Internet—mainly SandraRose and Fameolous—now thinks he is gay. Because, ya know, one guy can't "like" another dude's photos without getting labeled gay.

This is sensational celebrity journalism at its best worst. Just take a gander at Fameolous' headline: "Tia And Tamera’s Brother Tahj Mowry Is Gay.. He Got Caught On Instagram Lusting Over A Gay Man (Receipts)." Yes, you read that correctly: This publication has the audacity to blatantly call Tahj gay based on little to no evidence. (At least played it a little more coy: "Is Tia and Tamera’s Brother Tahj Mowry Crushing On a Gay Bodybuilder?" Still trolly as hell, though.)

Here are photos Fameolous claims Tahj "liked," if you're curious:

These photos might be risque, but they do not confirm Tahj's sexuality. Maybe he's looking at Andrew's photos for fitness inspiration? Maybe they're friends? Maybe he liked these photos in the unconscious social media state many of us feel when it's 1 a.m. and we can't sleep?! There are a million reasons why Tahj could've expressed interest in these pics. Sexual desire is one, yes, but it's not the only one. And it's definitely not something you assume and boast on the Internet as fact. It's tacky and, more important, can get you sued.

I'm gay. I've liked several of my female friends' bikini beach pics on Instagram. Does that make me straight? Nope. The same logic applies for Tahj. Until he opens up about his sexual orientation—which he never has to, if he doesn't want to—then people really need to back the eff off. It really doesn't matter if he is or isn't gay, and these bottom-feeders need to stop making it an issue.

It's 2015. Are we really still in the sexual orientation speculation game? I thought that Perez Hilton ish went out in 2008. Let Tahj live and like as many pictures as he wants sans judgment. We all deserve the right to creep in peace.