VOTE: Jennifer Aniston vs. Jennifer Lopez in a Rom-Com Showdown

Which one of these Hollywood stars deserves to wear the crown?

Even if Valentine's Day isn't really your jam, everyone can appreciate a good ol' romantic comedy. They're cheesy, awkward and almost always predictable, but they tap into our common need for love. And let's face it - storybook romance flicks just don't cut it because dating gets messy. Relationships don't always pan out, and love's timing rarely coincides with our neatly packed schedules. There are few Hollywood stars that have played out these moments than rom-com queens Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez.

Both women are funny, smart and super relatable when in character. Throughout their careers Aniston and Lopez have given us crazy-in-love moments that we still love to revisit with films like Maid In Manhattan, The Break Up, Along Came Polly and Monster-in-Law.

So which Jennifer movie is sitting on the rom-com throne? Scroll through this line up of their best romantic comedies and vote to decide which you love and hate.

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