5 Things Last Night's 'SNL' Taught Us About Kanye

Last night Kanye West played Saturday Night Live. Everyone tuned in for those two new tracks, "Black Skinhead" and "New Slaves," but we also gleaned a few new things about Kanye, his upcoming album and his peculiar state of mind.

1) Kanye's not in a great mood

It's been looking more and more like Mr. West is bumming hard. When your boo is the most famous celeb in the world -- and she's very pregnant -- struggle-face pap shots, running into street signs, going toro on paparazzi... it's gonna happen. After hearing "Black Skinhead" and "New Slaves," everyone's officially on notice that Kanye ain't playin' with people right now. Do not test him right now unless you have a desire to be turned into an outrageous internet meme.

On the bright side, he's still making music that's clever. By Thanksgiving, your favorite rapper will be trying to emulate that Kanye sound.

2) But he has been hitting the gym

Kanye didn't just show off his new music on SNL, he also showed off his man cleavage. During his performance of "New Slaves," West rocked a low cut, schmall that showed off his breast meat. As Nas would say, "don't say the car is topless / Say the titties is out" Clearly, he's been working on more than music in Paris...

3) No one at SNL likes Kanye

This is speculation, but we don't think Yeezy has too many friends at 30 Rock. Perhaps they're still mad at him for chanting "F*ck SNL and the whole cast" on "Power." But that doesn't explain why guest host Ben Affleck looked loathe to introduce him. Then, during the goodbyes, no one hugged Kanye. They all hugged each other, while Kanye stood alone looking like he wanted to phone a friend.

4) But they will be calling him for those red Yeezy IIs

Everyone who's anyone will want those kix. Kanye showed up at Rockefeller Center and his feet were on fire. 100% of sneakerheads will be complaining about those red Yeezy IIs whenever they finally drop. Complaining, as in bitching about how they can't get them. Why does Roger Federer have 'em and I don't? The vanity sneaker industry is so cruel to the common man. Kanye shrug.

Air Yeezy II (Red)

5) Kanye's new album will not be good for dancing might just be me, but dour beats aside, I can't see a lot of people getting down on the dance floor to "New Slaves." The song is brilliant and full of poignant depth, but it's not going to be played in clubs unless those clubs are for people who live for angst.

So, we have a cool, thought-provoking new album from Kanye on the way, and there will be no club bangers. Besides his cool kix, nothing about Kanye's appearance on SNL suggested he's up for partying. Do not invite Kanye to your party.

On second thought, do invite Kanye to all your upcoming parties. The dude needs a hug.

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